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Why Homeowners in Colorado Springs Choose HardieBoard® over Vinyl

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

colorado_springs_hardie_board_productsIf you’ve ever asked a contractor about the best material to use on outside of your home in Colorado Springs, Hardie Board® was probably included in their recommendation.

Until they learn about the benefits of Hardie Board, most people don’t realize how different this material is from basic vinyl siding.

Instead of asking for two separate contractors to provide an estimate, it makes sense to do some research ahead of time about the various types of siding available for your home.

Here is a brief overview of the differences between Colorado Springs Hardie Board® products and vinyl siding, both offered by Heart House Creations:

Fire Resistance 

James Hardie siding is fire resistant as opposed to vinyl siding which will melt and/or warp at high enough temperatures from fires. Because of its fire resistance, most homeowners qualify for an insurance discount when using James Hardie Siding.

Cost & Maintenance

While vinyl siding is less expensive, it can expand, contract, sag or change colors over time. One key benefit of vinyl is it never needs to be repainted

Hardie Board® products will need to be painted intermittently but it stands up better to wet and cold climates than vinyl. Because James Hardie uses ColorPlus® technology in the manufacturing process, it is also more fade-resistant.

Fiber cement products like Hardie Board® also resist chipping, peeling and cracking

Their HardiePlank® Lap Siding comes with a 30 year limited warranty that is transferrable from one homeowner to the next and all James Hardie Siding products come with a 15 year finish warranty.

James Hardie Siding products are often recommended for homes in higher elevations because of their ability to handle sudden temperature variations that are common in the mountains and at high elevations.

When comparing the two different types of siding for your Colorado Springs home, you should take into consideration what type of investment you are making, both in cost, maintenance and your ability to protect your home from potential weather and natural disasters. Most Colorado Springs siding installers will recommend Hardie Board® as their first choice because it is superior to vinyl siding in these aspects. While it may have a higher initial cost, it will last longer than vinyl siding and withstand the elements making it a better investment overall.

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