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Window Shopping? How to Find the Best Window Contractors in Colorado Springs

How do you find the best window contractors in Colorado Springs - read this insightful article and find out!


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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Owning a home isn’t always easy, especially when it’s time to replace windows. Ask anyone who has ever gone “window shopping.” It’s not as simple it sounds, but there are ways to make it easier. Before you buy, you will want to contact the best window contractors in Colorado Springs. As important as it is to choose the right windows for your home, it is even more important to choose the right contractor. A good contractor will install your windows correctly and help you get the most from your new windows.

How do you know which window contractors are the best in Colorado Springs?

In order to find a contractor who you can trust, there are certain questions you need to ask up front.

1) Find out if the contractor has all the appropriate licenses to install windows in your city, county or region.

2) It is very important to get confirmation that your window contractor is bonded and insured to work in Colorado Springs. This will protect you if they have an accident on your property.

3) Be sure to get in touch with your city planning commission to find out if you need any permits. If this responsibility falls on your contractor make sure he is aware of this. In some townships, separate permits are needed for windows and doors.

4) Find as your window contractor for customer referrals in Colorado Springs.

5) Set a reasonable timeline up front for the completion of the project, and ask your window contractor to confirm this in writing.

6) Stay in touch with the contractor regularly and communicate any concerns you may have. It is important that your contractor fully understands what is most important to you in this project.

7) Ask if the windows they sell are certified by the NFRC and AAMA. These two organizations, the National Fenestration Rating Council and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, have produced certain standards for the construction of vinyl windows and composite windows. These highly technical specifications say that the windows must be constructed with high grades of vinyl and/or composite materials, as well as weather stripping, glass and hardware.

The best window contractors in Colorado Springs will be able to answer these questions satisfactorily and give you the assurance you need to move forward with the project. In short, look for window contractors in Colorado Springs who only sell windows from top-rated manufacturers at competitive prices.

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