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The Top 10 Home Remodeling Trends for 2012-13

Ask your neighbor, your realtor or your favorite contractor what they recommend, or just flip through some home design magazines. Before long you will...


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Thursday, 30 August 2012

home_improvement_trendsIt may be several months away, but people in the home remodeling industry are already abuzz about the projected remodeling trends for 2013. In fact, many contractors and remodelers are refreshing their marketing messages so they speak to the changing needs of American homeowners. What could have changed in just the past few years, you might ask? According to a poll by the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI), most people are delaying major renovations due to economic worries. Instead, they are focusing on smaller “must do” projects and saving their pennies to pay for larger renovations with cash instead of credit.

So which remodeling projects are topping the list this year for the average American homeowner?

  1. Bathroom remodeling – Let’s face it; we all know when it’s time to remodel a bathroom. Perhaps the tile is getting a little grungy, the vanity sink is chipped, or the fixtures are looking “dated,” but you know when it’s time for a bathroom update. Instead of tackling the kitchen, which is a much more expensive proposition, homeowners are more comfortable moving forward on a bathroom or powder room project.
  2. “Must-do” remodeling – If money has been tight over the past few years, it’s possible you’ve put off some home repairs until they became an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, this means that money you might have spent on new kitchen cabinets might be diverted to a leaky roof. Contractors are finding they are being called to “fix” things more often than ever, while fewer customers are interested in larger remodeling projects. That said, if you have the money for a brand new kitchen or deck this could be the perfect time to get it at a competitive price.
  3. Warm and cozy spaces – Gone are the days of stark white walls and black lacquer furniture. When it comes to home decorating, nothing beats the warmth of terra cotta, yellow ochre and scarlet next to hardwood floors and ceramic tiles. Unlike past years, where earth tones spelled “rustic,” these warm tones are mixed with modern design and “semi-contemporary” furnishings.
  4. Build a deck – Instead of moving to a larger home, many families are blooming where they’re planted by adding enhanced outdoor spaces. Even in areas where sitting outside isn’t possible all year-round, elaborate outdoor decks, pools and cabanas are making the home more “resort-like” than ever.
  5. Bring on a “Super-Contractor” – Rather than hiring a separate person for each job, homeowners are saving time and money by hiring a jack-of-all-trades. They are asking questions and shopping projects around to get more value for their remodeling dollar.
  6. Open up closed spaces – If you walk through enough sample homes, you might start to crave more open space in your own abode. Contemporary home builders know that families are busier than ever; they crave larger common areas with fewer closed doors. It is also possible to open up a floor plan to recreate the flow of a home while giving it a modern look.
  7. Skip the chrome and silver – It may not have hit the jewelry world yet, but home hardware is definitely seeing a shift away from white metals. Warmer tones look better with warmer metals, particularly bronze. Look for it in distressed hardware other metallic features.
  8. Green shopping for home products – Whether you choose to put in bamboo floors or decorate your home with tatami mats, it’s important to consider the environment. Designers are gradually getting away from particle-board fiberglass, plastic and hard woods. They are replacing these items with the latest green home products and triple-paned windows.
  9. Industrialize it! – Getting started with any project requires research, but it doesn’t take much time to catch on to this trend. Exposed beams, stainless steel cable and visible ductwork were once the domain of commercial offices, but they are making their way into home architecture as well. Could this have come about because so many people have offices in their homes?
  10. Create a space to “chill” – With home prices still falling in many areas and a slow recovery forecasted, homeowners are making the best of it by reinventing their space. Empty nesters are repurposing that extra bedroom into a tranquil space with organic fabrics and neutral tones. Others are adding a sauna or a steam shower in the bathroom. In general, people need to find healthy ways to decompress after a stressful day.

No matter how you are approaching your home décor, it never hurts to find out about the latest innovations. Ask your neighbor, your realtor or your favorite contractor what they recommend, or just flip through some home design magazines. Before long you will see many of these home remodeling trends all around you.

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