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Spring Is Here – Is It Time for New Windows?

If you are a homeowner who wants the best quality vinyl replacement windows in Colorado Springs, contact the professional contractors at Heart House C...


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Saturday, 30 March 2013

new_windowsAs a homeowner with dozens of projects to tackle, it's hard to decide on just one; but there are some improvements that are more noticeable than others. Aside from keeping up with basic maintenance of your home - which should never be skipped - replacing existing windows with new vinyl windows can have a positive impact on energy efficiency. But perhaps even more importantly, new windows will increase your home's resale value and give it "curb appeal," both of which are prerequisites if you are thinking of selling soon.

Before you start searching the Colorado Springs yellow pages for window contractors, take some time to learn about the various window grades and you will know how to spot a good window for the money.

Why Vinyl?

Depending on where you live, contractors may recommend a number of different window options, but in Colorado Springs, most replacement windows are made of vinyl. That's because vinyl stands up well to the elements, including sun, rain, wind and snow. Unlike windows made from aluminum, vinyl replacement windows will never pit or flake, and unlike wood they will never rot or require repainting.

Improve energy efficiency

Colorado Springs window contractors are likely to explain the labeling process for vinyl windows and show you the various AAMA certifications for frames. The majority of homeowners are buying vinyl windows because they are a cost-effective solution that is also energy efficient; however there are many different types of vinyl windows depending on where you live. For example, the variable climate of Colorado Springs might require a high quality PVC window with the greatest number of chambers. Both of these factors make a window more efficient in the winter months.

Prevent yellowing

For sunnier climates, yellowing can occur in some less expensive vinyl windows, but there are ways to prevent this. Look for two vital ingredients in your vinyl windows – organic tin and titanium dioxide, but of which will help the window retain its brilliance longer. The reason that some cheaper windows yellow is because manufacturers often scrimp on these ingredients.

Look for welded connections

The most energy efficient vinyl windows will be made with welded connections with a lot of PVC that is in contact at each corner. Welded connections are preferable to mechanically fastened windows for a number of reasons, but a welded connection is best when the amount of PVC that touches another piece of PVC is large enough to prevent leaks.

By the time most homeowners get around to replacing window they find they know very little about the type they want to buy. Heart House offers homeowners in the Pikes Peak region a range of options in vinyl replacement windows. For those who want to make a sound investment in the value of their homes, new windows will give your home a fresh and exciting look.

Consider Simonton 9800 Series windows

If you want to be sure you are buying high quality vinyl windows for your home, the Colorado Springs vinyl windows contractors at Heart House Creations will ease your mind. At Heart House, they recommend Simonton 9800 series vinyl replacement windows because they are known for quality construction and durability.

At Heart House Creations, we chose Simonton because they deliver the highest quality products and they make a long-term commitment to their customers. With over 65 years of experience in making top quality products for the home, Simonton makes all their windows in state-of-the-art production facilities where the windows can be tested and streamlined to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Both Heart House Creations and Simonton Windows are committed to providing the highest standards of quality to Colorado Springs residents. If you are a homeowner who wants the best quality vinyl replacement windows in Colorado Springs, contact the professional contractors at Heart House Creations.

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