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Colorado Springs blog focusing on replacement windows, home improvement and James Hardie cement siding.

This is the blog of Heart House Windows and Siding of Colorado Springs. This blog is dedicated to providing tips and ideas to home owners about replacement windows, home improvement suggestions and tips, as well as care and tips for HardiePlank cement siding.

hardie board uniqueWe've all heard the various opinions of real estate agents who encourage sellers to make home improvements, but is there really one improvement that can make or break a sale? Some say it's the kitchen; others focus on landscaping, while others aim for a neutral color palette throughout the home. While there's no doubt that these improvements make a difference, there is only one major facelift that is proven to increase resale value, and that's fiber cement siding.

remodeling houseIn many areas of the country, spring and summer are seen as the "remodeling seasons." While it's true that sunny days are warmer weather are ideal for working outdoors, much can be said about doing interior projects during the winter months. In many cases, knowing the "perfect time" to remodel is the key to saving money on the job. For example, carpenters and window installers are a lot less busy in the wintertime; which can make it easier to get a better deal.

resale valueRemodeling and renovating your home can add space, improve energy efficiency and make it look terrific, often making it tempting to stay there longer. But will all these renovations help increase the selling price? In the event that you are thinking ahead toward one day selling your home, it's important to recognize that not all improvements are created equal. Some could actually make selling your home more difficult. But how do you tell the difference?

colorado springs siding contractorsOver the past decade, fiber cement siding has been written about quite a bit by the popular shelter magazines. One such publication, Remodeling Magazine, has included James Hardie's HardieBoard siding in its Cost vs. Value Report. They say fiber board is considered one of the best investments a homeowner can make toward resale value, yet surprisingly few people know about it.

home improvementIt’s hard to believe, but winter is practically at our doorstep. It may be painful to think about ice and snow just yet, but the calendar suggests that now is the time to get ready. A few minor improvements to your home could make a major difference in your heating bills come January, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, many of these essential home improvements are simple and affordable. Consider adding these five home improvement tasks to your fall “to-do” list.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Is It Time For A Major Home Improvement?

james hardie sidingSo you're in the market for a few home improvements, but you can't do everything. As a homeowner it can be hard to decide which improvement to do first. Should you invest in new windows and doors or new carpeting? Which is more important – that deck you've always wanted or new siding? The answer will be different for every homeowner, but if you plan to sell your home in the next five years then curb appeal may take precedence over comfort. Could now be the time for new James Hardie siding?

home improvement winterIt may still be summer, but the next couple of months will go quickly. Before we know it, the lawnmower will be stored away for the season and we will start decorating for Halloween. Now that kids are headed back to school and vacations have been taken, it may be time to take a closer look at your home. From now until Thanksgiving, homeowners start making necessary improvements, especially those that will help control heating costs.

home improvementsPerhaps you've attempted to sell your home over the past few years and you know how hard it's been to get offers that come close to your asking price. Fortunately, if you live in certain areas of the country the buyer's market of the past is quickly becoming a seller's market, but buyers are still just a picky as ever. Even as bidding wars are breaking out in some areas, it can still be difficult to fetch the right price. But if your home has what buyers are looking for, you might even get more than your asking price.

hardie board uniqueMost homeowners don't think much about siding or windows until the time comes to replace them and few people spend much time researching the various products available today. When siding is the question, vinyl has increasingly become the answer, but is that really the look you want for your home? In a competitive real estate market, it makes sense to put some thought into your home's curb appeal.

vinyl_hardie_boardWhen it comes time to choose an exterior siding product for your home, it may be tempting to select the same siding as your neighbors, but there is another option to consider. Even if you live in a neighborhood where vinyl siding is the "norm," you can still get fiber cement siding. Also known as cement board or "Hardie Board," fiber cement has many benefits and a few drawbacks. Homeowners should always consider the cost, the ease of maintenance, impact on home resale value and overall appearance. What is gained in one direction may be negated by a disadvantage in another, so it all comes down to your personal priorities.

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